15 Best AdSense Alternatives to Increase Your Blog Revenue

Google AdSense was released in 2003 and it serves as an advertisement system that specializes in the creation and placement of banner advertisements on blogs and websites. It’s sustained popularity amongst companies is highly contributed due to its un-intrusive forms of advertisement and its content placement via the relevance of the websites.

However, many companies and individuals find it hard to get approved by AdSense as a consequence of its strict application procedures in which many applications get rejected. Fortunately, there is an abundance of alternatives to advertising your content.


Here’s the 2017 approach to get the best return on investment (ROI) for your advertisements. In this post, we will be discussing some of the best Google Adsense alternatives using which you can not only monetize your blog but can also generate a good revenue from it.



Media.net has been largely reviewed as one of the best alternatives to Google AdSense in terms of its various forms of advertisements.

About Media.net

Media.net is a global advertising technology company that develops and manages innovative products for both advertisers and publishers.

It has a variety of monetization solution products for its large and diversified clientele worldwide. Its portfolio can be challenged to the likes of Google AdSense.

Additionally, it is ranked as the 5th largest Advertisement Technology Company and 2nd largest contextual advertising business in terms of revenue.

The tech company has a coverage of more than 100 million US desktop users alone. In 2016, Miteno, a Beijing-based company that is part of a Chinese consortium bought over Media.net for 900 million USD. It was mentioned by Forbes, as the 3rd largest advertisement technology acquisition deal in history.


Mobile Ads– Still within its beta phase, Media.net provides mobile ads and its popularity is growing exponentially. This can be supported with the influx of smartphone users globally in which publishers are increasing their mobile ad efforts to follow the trend.

High Revenue System– Its complex but user-friendly system allows easy optimization to tweak advertisements for the highest exposure and retention rate. In addition, the quality of its advertisements is high, giving you assurance of increased profit margins.

Contextual Advertisements– Similar to AdSense, its advertisements are displayed according to the context of the page. This results in a direct targeted advertisement to the intended audiences.

Clean User Dashboard– As mentioned previously, its user-friendliness is well thought-out without the complex jargons and settings. Its dashboard is functional and provides users with easy navigation to various pages. Publishers can use a single account with Media.net to manage all their websites on one page.

However, each website requires approval but can be easily overlooked as the account manager makes it very manageable.

Account Manager– The most notable feature of Media.net is its dedicated and active account managers that support publishers in the creation of their account to managing it step by step.

The account manager provides assistance to a variety of tasks from recommending the best optimization techniques for ads as well as other inquiries related to the publishers account or creation of new adverts with another website.

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2Amazon Ads

Amazon Advertising

Amazon Ads is another popular alternative to AdSense. Its success stories range from TV production company, Starz; to Procter & Gamble’s Olay brand; to breakfast cereal manufacturers, Quaker.

The diverse portfolio of advertisers gives Amazon the credibility it deserves in delivering campaign efficiency and high ROIs.

Recently, Amazon is revving up its place as an advertising platform among the likes of Google and Facebook. Results concluded that Amazon Ads made significant revenues off its revamped advertising subsidiary which can help reduce its overall expenditure of its other businesses, keeping costs low. This implies that advertisers are satisfied and are getting the profits they deserve off their investment into Amazon Ads.

About Amazon Ads

Amazon Advertising is a marketplace advertising platform allowing third-party sellers access to Amazon’s large customer base.

Amazon has significantly increased its embracement of advertising third party sellers as a medium to channel more interactive and value-added service by displaying relevant advertisements on the publisher’s page.


Amazon now provides a few types of advertising features (For non-Amazon sellers):

1) Amazon Native Shopping Ads (Affiliate Program)

2) Drive traffic to your website via Amazon (Linkout)

1. Amazon Native Shopping Ads

A key player in Amazon Advertising is Amazon’s Native Shopping Ads. It is an affiliate program in which publishers can integrate Amazon ads with their website to earn more revenue from it. This is another contextual advertising system, similar to AdSense, as it displays relevant ads that are based on the context of the page.

The great thing about this is that once the code has been added to the publisher’s blog, the code comes into action and displays the products based on the keywords used within the article.

The significant difference to AdSense is that the publisher gets paid for an actual sale made on Amazon if its visitors purchased items via the Native Shopping Ad clicked.

The average commission earned depends on the volume purchased at 4 – 8%. However, if the visitor decides to purchase another item but visited Amazon via the blog’s link, the commission is still earned and is based on the sales volume.

There are three types of Amazon Native Advertisements:

1. Search Ads– Based on a search phrase determined by the publisher or the visitor, Amazon will display recommended products depending on the search phrase. The search engine in the ad display is powered by Amazon Search.

2. Custom Ads– The publisher can have full control in terms of specifying which Amazon products to promote. These ads provide flexibility, are professionally crafted, and add value to the publisher’s website.

3. Recommended Ads– This is done by allowing Amazon to do all the heavy lifting by automatically recommending products that are associated with the website’s content and visitors.

2. Drive traffic to your website via Amazon (linkout)

Amazon also offers ad solutions that aim to drive more traffic to the publisher’s website. Leveraging on Amazon’s huge customer base, advertisements are strategically placed to allow customers to navigate to the publisher’s website, increasing website traffic and profit margins.

Access to Amazon’s exclusive touch points

Aside from the leverage publishers get from Amazon’s online banner ads and video placements on its website, and affiliate partners such as IMDb, it is vital to remember that Amazon does have offline touch points such as its Boxes and Lockers. This is a significant advantage publisher get as its advertisements can reach Amazon’s physical touch points located all around U.S. allowing a broader outreach beyond that of the virtual realm.

Research proven solutions

A key study that gives Amazon its credibility is its research survey, conducted by Google, which concluded 1 out of 3 Amazon customers trusted the ads placed on Amazon than on other websites. This instills further confidence in publishers who want to fully potentiate their investments when it comes to paid advertising with conclusive results.

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Infolinks is an in-text advertising program that is highly popular and has been reviewed by many publishers. Although their advertisement strategy is different than Google AdSense, Amazon and Media.net, its monetization tool has proven to be effective.

It can be a much better alternative to AdSense due to Google’s strict approval process and complaints on its random limitation on publisher’s accounts. This resulted in in-text advertising programs gaining more traction and has made Infolinks a worthy contender for displaying ads.

About Infolinks

Infolinks was founded in 2007 and has quickly garnered thousands of publishers gain additional income from their websites. It has been widely debated as the best alternative to Google AdSense.

Infolinks is open to websites of all sizes which enables them to get a wide range of publishers across the net. The in-text advertising network works by utilizing keywords on the publisher’s website and showcases them as links which can be easily navigated and do not obstruct the visitor from receiving banner pop-ups or flashy advertisements.

This is an old-school practice when Search Engine Optimization (SEO) was first introduced and bloggers used internal links to help improve their search engine rankings.


Easy Withdrawal Process– Compared to most of the advertising platforms, AdSense included, Infolinks provides an easy withdrawal system for publishers to get their revenue. Payment systems include prepaid MasterCard by Payoneer, PayPal, Wire Transfer and ACH. This enables publishers to get their revenue paid on time and through multiple channels depending on the publisher’s preference.

Quick Implementation of Ads– After creating an account with Infolinks, insert the JavaScript code to your website, and Infolinks will automatically crawl over relevant keywords and display textual ads accordingly. WordPress powered blogs work even faster as they provide plugins for easy integration.

Simple Approval Process– Infolinks only requires a decent amount of traffic and content from publishers to get their website approved. This is a great way for new publishers who are slowly increasing their traffic to start monetizing off it.

Customer Support System– Infolinks provides a responsive support team to publishers. In addition, they are able to answer any inquiries regarding Infolinks which is a great help. Most inquiries are responded within 24 hours.

Customized Advertisement Display– The unique feature of Infolinks code is its ability to allow publishers to choose which part of their website to “switch off” the textual ads from. This includes the header or footer to ensure that publishers maintain a clean looking website.

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Chitika was established in 2005 and provides advertising solutions to both publishers and advertisers using a display advertising network. Essentially, they provide a similar service as AdSense. It is another popular alternative among the ranks of Media.net and Infolinks.

About Chitika

Chitika offers an advertising solution called display advertising. Display advertising is simply summarized as online advertisements that focus primarily on images, audio, and video, more commonly in the form of banner ads and rich media. This direct communication to their customers is achieved through their brand image and advertising content.

Publishers who have substantial traffic will greatly benefit as they are now able to monetize their web traffic by placing the third-party advertiser’s ads on their website.

Advertisers are able to display their advertisements on the publisher’s website to advertise their company, product, or service and in hopes of expanding their audience reach.

Through this mutually beneficial partnership, Chitika opens a profitable link between both publishers and advertisers through the implementation of display advertising into either party’s overall business plans. Though not heavily expanded, it uses contextual pairing to match up websites promoting similar content.


Chitika gives publishers and advertisers several distinct advertising tools to deploy. They come in the form of text advertisement units, list units, and mobile advertisements that drive the heart of a successful campaign if used well.

Here are some of its features:

Control Panel: The control panel or dashboard is a vital tool to any publisher in managing their ongoing advertisements.

Chitika’s dashboard provides a simplistic, user-friendly system and even allows novices to quickly adapt. The simplistic design makes it easy to find information when needed.

The top navigation bar displays the most commonly used options such as Reports, Ad Setup, Domains & Apps, Account, and Support. It includes a nifty 7 day “Quick Earnings Report”. The report gives a summary of clicks, displays impressions, CTR, CPM (cost per thousand impressions), as well as revenue across all your various advertisement channels.

Publisher Reporting: Chitika provides a usual tool and that is a comprehensive and informative customer report. Publishers can use any spread of date range and create custom reports. The results can be grouped in a variety of styles such as by date, month, channel, or channel and date. The reports can also be saved to be accessed or referenced upon in the future. This is found in the “Saved Reports” section.

Low Publisher Requirements– Unlike AdSense, Chitika has very minimal requirements to get approved by them. They require no minimum traffic and support English-based websites (Unless approved by Chitika upon request). Other requirements weigh equal to most advertising channels such as illegal, propaganda, adult and mature related, and drug affiliated websites.

Combine it with other Monetization Tools – Chitika is a tool that can be used alone but will be a great addition to other monetization software’s that publishers’ already have in place.

Advertisements Driven by Visitor Search Queries – As previously mentioned, most display advertising networks, such as Google AdSense, display advertisements are driven by the content on each given webpage (a.k.a Contextual Advertising). However, the unique function is Chitika’s ability to display ads based on each visitor’s search query.

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In comparison with AdSense, Revenue Hits is a pure CPA (cost per action) network whereas AdSense works as a CPC (cost per click) network. The difference lies in CPC platforms paying the publisher each time the ad is clicked, however, CPA pays only when the ad converts into a sale. This is a really significant difference to consider.

About RevenueHits

Established in 2008, RevenueHits is an Israeli-based company consisting of financial experts, online marketers and various experienced tech professionals. It is owned and operated by Intango Ltd.

Most of their staff comprises a strong publishing background, hence using the phrase “by publishers, for publishers”. Their algorithm promises to optimize publishers’ earnings by developing the best performing offers for their site, meaning they are in a way tailor-made.

The goal of RevenueHits is to maximize the earning potential of your existing traffic that the website is already generating.

In addition, its network uses geo-targeting allowing ads to be displayed by the visitor’s culture, interest, and geography. This allows RevenueHits to target specific and relevant ads to visitors which increases the potential revenue significantly.

This can tell us that RevenueHits will work best on websites that operate in a niche industry or target group. As exposure is probably limited, the chances of creating very specific ads will be high and prove the most profitable for entertainment niche websites.

The down side of having CPA pertains mostly to your high-traffic not generating any or little income. As advised, always look at how your website if currently functioning and think about your industry. Not all advertising forms work for every website.


Publisher Requirements– None except adult and mature content, harassment, illegal products, and most commonly banned websites as expressly mentioned by advertising companies.

Clean Dashboard– RevenueHits possesses a clean and tidy control panel that provides only important tools such as payment, ads, and account management.

Common Payment Services– RevenueHits accepts PayPal, Payoneer and Wire Transfers

Talented Customer Support– A great feature comes in the form of its customer service. RevenueHits has been commended with a phenomenal talent pool of employees. The support team has been said to be responsive and provides quick solutions to inquiries.

Variety of Ad Types– RevenueHits has a wide range of ad-options including, but not limited to pop-ups, pop-unders, banners, sliders, footers, and site-under ads. This translates into having more tailored ads that will suit your website and audience too.

So these were the top ad-networks which you can use instead of Google Adsense. Although, if you’re looking to find the best monetizing tool that suits your website, then you need to dig deeper. Let’s continue our session and review ten more ad networks that are worth mentioning before you decide which ones to go with.

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6Adversal Media


About Adversal Media

Adversal Media was founded in 2003 and they use a CPM (cost per thousand impressions) advertising network.

There are a few factors in which they determine the CPM payout. These are the origin of traffic, content provided as well as the bounce rate. It is also dependant on how much the advertisers are willing to pay for the publisher’s niche category.

They are known for pop-under ads, which a lot of people are noticing nowadays. Some might notice a sudden advertisement sounding video being played only to find that they are hiding in a minimized window behind their current browser. Hence the name “pop-under”.

An additional thing about them is the ability to work in several languages which can be great for culture specific websites.

With many visitors using ad block software nowadays, it is hard to actually get impressions if your ads do not even show on the visitors’ browser. This is where Adversal’s code works beautifully. Its code bypasses most AdBlock software which means that publishers get paid for their impressions and visitors can’t do anything else to prevent that.


Variety of Ad Types– Aside from its popular ad type, pop-unders, they have a number of alternatives such as Banners, Leaderboards, Medium Rectangles, Ministitials and Skyscrapers.

100% Fill Rate– This ensures that all your spaces for ads such as banners, pop-ups, etc are filled with content. Though not always achievable in theory, due to server responses, or ad blockers, it is good to know that the company continuously tries to achieve that rate.

Common Payment Systems– PayPal, Check, Wire Transfers and ACH.

High eCPM– eCPM refers to “effective cost per thousand impressions”. This means that Adversal aims to achieve quality advertisement performances.

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About VigLink

VigLink was started in 2009 and has grown its clientele with many reputable brands. Such brands include CNET, Men’s Fitness, Woman’s Health, MSN, and many more. Further adding to their reputation is its investors including Google Ventures, Emergence Capital, and RRE Ventures.

It manages a pool of over 2 million publishers which is a show of its credibility. Professionalism and pride in their work are displayed on its website with small biographies of its talented employees and a clean and reputable appearance of its landing page.

A key difference between VigLink and other advertising networks is its conversion of normal links into affiliate links. Through a contextual framework, in-text hyperlinks are changed into affiliate links which enable publishers to earn an additional commission as visitors navigate and click them.

Publishers who run e-commerce sites, such as MSN’s commercial focus, will greatly benefit from using VigLinks. In addition, product review publishers are also another group that can harness VigLinks advertising network.


Hyperlink to Affiliate Links– Like most websites, publishers create hyperlinks to add value to the user experience and increase search engine rankings. However, VigLink turns these hyperlinks into affiliate links to give publishers additional revenue without changing the user experience.

Smart Contextual Network– It’s contextual network focuses on commercial keywords such as “iPhone 7” or “ASUS Laptop” and converts them into links to advertisers that focus on those aspects or products. It utilizes Natural Language Programming (NLP) to determine keywords mentioned on a page.

Custom Insert Service– This service allows publishers to control what kind of links are being redirected out. This enables them to manage which type of advertisers’ visitors get redirected to.

Common Payment Merchants– PayPal, Check (US Account holders), Wire Transfer and ACH (US Account holders).

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8Propeller Ads

Propeller Ads

About Propeller Ads

Propeller Ads can be considered a newcomer in the digital advertising industry. Established in 2011 in the United Kingdom, the ad company has since grown its reputation in being a large network with incredible CPM rates.

The company’s main focus is on industries which include videos and movies, dating, software, finances, gambling, entertainment, and gaming.

However, they are known to bring significant revenues for other forms of publishers. Propeller Ads is also popular for its pop-unders, much like Adversal. Further, another reason for their success lies in its close relationship with mobile and application services which can lead to massive CPM and a high ROI due to the expansion of mobile gaming.


Simple Dashboard– Propeller Ads has a fairly simple dashboard with the capability to set-up its monetization tool within minutes. It also contains a comprehensive report to track revenue streams and an ad channel management tool.

Better Fill Rate for Tier 2 and 3 Countries– This will be a great platform for countries like India, South Africa, and Turkey as the common fill rates are lower in other advertising agencies. However, the usual websites from U.S, U.K, Australia, and Canada will also benefit largely.

Niche Industry– If publishers fall under their specialization (as mentioned above), they will most likely get a boost in their revenue stream. This is particularly true for mobile gaming publishers.

Multiple Payment Channels– Wire Transfer, Payoneer, Prepaid Cards, Webmoney, and most recently added PayPal which is a huge plus point for publishers.

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About PopCash

PopCash is another new entry with its establishment in 2012. It focuses on the trending pop-under ad type and has maintained a decent CPM for mobile and desktop platform traffic.

It has claimed that their pop-under ads do not obstruct the publishers’ visitors as the ads are only shown every 24 hours. The main thing that will work for publishers is getting high traffic flow and PopCash would bring in the revenue for them.


Quick Publisher Approval– Approvals are done within the hour on weekdays and at a maximum gap of 12 hours on weekends.

Low Minimum Payout – PopCash allows payout to be as low as $10. This is one of the lowest minimum payouts that exists.

Fast Payment System– Usually between 1-2days through the following: PayPal, Paxum and Payza.

Hourly Report– Statistics provide a very satisfying rate of hourly updates which are great in keeping a close watch of your advertising channels.

Support over Skype– Aside from its email customer support. Its Skype feature is a great addition for people who need an immediate fix for their inquiries.

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10Yllix Inc.


About Yllix Inc.

Yllix came into the fold of Digital Advertising in 2012 and can be considered a very good platform especially for the new publishers.

It has a variety of different ad types which are pop-unders, sliders, layered ads, full page ones and mobile redirect ads. This gives publishers a good variety, depending on their content structure which paves the way for steady CTR and revenue streams.

Adding to the mix, they have a varied network that combines CPM, CPC and CPA. This allows publishers to get a decent rate of conversions resulting in higher profit margins. Its advertisers contain a big pool of MNCs such as eBay, Google, Citibank, Bentley, GUCCI, and much more.


100% Fill Rate– That is a steep claim but given its successes, it might be true.

No Minimum Traffic– Another reason why it’s great for new publishers is due to its requirement of no minimum traffic.

Low Payouts Eligible– As low as $1 and they provide payouts daily. This is a significant feature that is adored by publishers.

Real Time Optimization– These are done automatically and ensures that your ads are running as optimized as they can.

More Niche Industries– Yllix Inc. does approve adult and gambling websites which are normally avoided by most advertising companies.

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About Skimlinks

Skimlinks established itself in 2006 and is based in London. It is mainly an affiliate marketing network, similar to VigLinks. Through them, you will be associated with the countless of affiliate programs they are partnered with.

In other words, it has a simple function which turns hyperlinks or product links into affiliate links. As previously mentioned, these kinds of sites work best for e-commerce and product review websites.

An unconventional but interesting thing about Skimlinks is the company’s data-mining on consumer behaviors, a new product created by them, is now available to publishers.

As such, any publisher that wants to know how to effectively target their audiences can harness Skimlinks and implement a new strategy. This has also attracted multiple big publishers such as Mail Online, Buzzfeed, and The Huffington Post.

In addition, there is a Buzzfeed case study which proves how affiliate marketing can be a great revenue stream for publishers.


Demo Publisher Feature– This gives publishers a chance to try and see if they like the Skimlinks’s interface and platform and thus it greatly builds the trust and loyalty due to the transparency of features that they provide.

Range of Publisher Specialties– Skimlinks specializes in helping a variety of publishers such as news networks, bloggers, online communities and commercial sites. Their wide publisher base allows them to monetize content for almost any industry or niche.

Embedded Google BigQuery– Skimlinks has a unique feature. It utilizes Google’s BigQuey to display an overview of where earnings are flowing from and how to better optimize the advertisements.

Account Management– A great tool for any publisher is knowing that an account manager can assist you with inquiries and advise on what steps to take.

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About Adsterra

Having only established in 2013, Adsterra is quickly becoming a top performer for advertising. It provides ad coverage for publishers worldwide with high CPM rates.

Like any advertising platform, they provide multiple ad types like pop-unders, sliders, push up ads, direct links and more.

Adsterra works by using geo-targeted ads (over 10 billion) to enable publishers to get the maximum ROI. It also focuses on utilizing new technology to improve ad optimization. They are open with who their employees are and participate in the events in which publishers can get to know them in person.


100% Fill Rate: Given their success and wide coverage, it is possible to reach that level of fill rate.

Competitive CPM Structure: Due to their worldwide coverage, it is expected to receive a varied CPM that is dependent on the website’s traffic origins.

Safe Advertisements: Adsterra promises to prevent bad ads and common malware from infecting publishers and visitors’ computers.

Multiple Payment Channels: Timely payments are available through Bitcoin, Payoneer, WebMoney, PayPal, Wire Transfer, Payza, and Paxum.

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About Adbuff

Adbuff provides a high eCPM and works as an ad exchange platform. It offers the common 3 commission platforms, CPM, CPC, and CPA but does not advocate pop-up ads.

A key success factor of Adbuff is its connections with big advertisers and websites with strong and high-quality traffic. Some notable advertisers include Google Ads, PulsePoint, Criteo and AOL. Another key thing on why Adbuff is successful is its bidding system that ensures high eCPM rates across the industry.

Why it’s not on the top 5 is due to its requirement of publishers having really high-quality traffic to fully reap Adbuff’s capabilities. Its support team is also 24/7 and has managed to maintain a 97% satisfaction rate, implying that inquiries are always answered and resolved fast.


Real Time Dashboards: Real-Time management of the performance of ads is crucial for fully optimizing your revenue streams. This is very rare offer for publishers who get their statistics updated every second.

100% Fill Rate: Due to its large advertiser portfolio, a 100% fill rate is believable through its CPM and CPC methods.

90% Revenue Rate: A large share of revenue is given to publishers

Payment Channels: PayPal, Payoneer and Bank Wires (SWIFT)

Account Managers: Each publisher is assigned a dedicated manager but it is unclear if each manager handles different publishers of the same industry. However, their support is phenomenal and tailor’s ad performance to each publisher




About Content.ad

Content.ad is a native advertising network, similar to Amazon Native Ads. Unlike other advertisers, these content publishers do not advertise content that may commonly appear to be spam.

They function on both the web and mobile. Also, their ads load fast and are responsive to screen sizes. This gives publishers the assurance that their website will not affect the user experience with bad ad displays.

The calculation of rates depends on the nature of effective CPM and CPC. A higher rate would mean that traffic needs to be constantly stable and high.


Multiple Ad Types: Display, Banner, Pop-up, Pop-Down, and Side Bar are the available ad types so far.

High Compatibility: Their ads are responsive to mobile, tablet and desktop screens.

High Rates: Considering that Content.ad has high rates even for 2nd tier and 3rd tier countries, its advertisers should come from an array of diversified and different countries of origin worldwide.

Real-Time statistics: A really useful tool is its constant ability to measure performance in real-time.

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About YesAdvertising

Owned by YesUp Media Inc., YesAdvertising utilizes an eCPM model as its main focus to drive publisher revenue. In other words, the better the publishers traffic quality, the more they can earn from YesAdvertising.

The network is currently growing with more than 100,000 publishers and conducts campaigns in over 200 countries. Its current clients are eToto, Lycos, Sportbet, AliExpress, FriendFinder and others.

YesAdvertising uses its proprietary CPXcenter as its ad network platform. The platform conducts a variety of functions including data mining, campaign optimization, targeting audiences over mobile, video, emails and the web. It is a highly integrated platform that has made YesAdvertising even more successful since its implementation in 2013.


Multiple Commission Options– A variety of this means more avenues for publishers to earn from. These are POP, CPC, CPM, CPL, and CPA ads.

Multiple Payment Channels– Perfect Money, Payoneer, PayPal, Wire Transfer, and Bank Transfers

Simple Account Creation– It is really simple to create an account on YesAdvetising. There are no strict conditions and the steps are easy to follow.

24/7 Customer Support– YesAdvertising’s support team is capable of providing round-the-clock support to its publishers which can help to optimize ad channels for better profit margins.

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So these were our top 15 picks of the advertisement networks that you can use apart from Google Adsense. No doubt, there are plenty of options for webmasters to monetize their website traffic and generate a good revenue stream.

So don’t panic if your Adsense account is not approved or if you have faced an unusual ban from them. You could easily sign up for other ad networks and re-monetize your website.

Do share this guide with your friends. Also, please share your thoughts if you are using any other ad network which you think would be good to mention in the above post.