21 Best Productivity Tools for Marketers

Digital age has made us procrastinators as there are lots of distractions out there to keep us away from being productive.

Being a marketer or a business owner, it is very important that you stay focused towards our goals. For this, it is necessary that you keep the unnecessary distractions at bay. Staying productive at work will not only enable you to complete your tasks on time but, it will also help you to accomplish your goals.


In this post, we will look at 21 best productivity tools for marketers and business owners that will help you to stay focussed at your workplace so that you can accomplish your tasks on time.


With over 200 million users, Evernote is a popular cloud based file management and storage software that rivals Google Dropbox with its functionality. It acts as an ultimate digital desk providing following key services:

  • Quick Notes
  • Image storage
  • Client Management
  • Receipt Management
  • Travel and Tax Management

Massively popular among entrepreneurs and large businesses it neatly organizes information making it accessible through smartphone, computers and laptops. To get started, you just need to make a personal Evernote account. Its free features are amazing however premium members get additional advantages of increased storage, ad free experience and pdf search.

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Todoist in essence offers to-do lists in order to keep a track of your daily activities. Ranked number 1 by Forbes in 2014, it continues to grow in popularity with over 5 million users. Following are its key features:

  • Personal, Family and Work Projects.
  • Each project type can have multiple projects with actionable steps.
  • Color coded interface allows you to divide tasks based on their type.
  • Multiple labels for each task allow categorization according to user preference.
  • Premium users benefit with filters that make it easier to search through lists.

Coming with concise list of features, todoist is a simple yet effective project management solution.

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Another massively popular project management and collaboration tool with over 14 million active sign ups, Trello is used by digital giants like Paypal, Adobe and Google.

It is a nifty tool for software developers, small and large businesses alike as it allows users to assign tasks based on urgency, importance and individuals.

With a sticky notes layout, managing multiple projects becomes a breeze as it provides a thorough overview of all tasks being worked on. Adopt $9.99 monthly business plan to integrate your business with GitHub, Google Drive, Evernote, Mailchimp, Salesforce and Dropbox.

Let’s have a look at its amazing features:

  • Drag and drop functionality for faster processing.
  • Organize your tasks using labels, tags and category.
  • Upload files and attachments easily.
  • Email notifications.
  • SSL encryption of data.

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Content marketing generates a major part of the revenue for most businesses. It can be a hectic to churn out regular content for multiple websites, social media platforms and blogs without missing dates. Try Coschedule calendar which provides a robust list of features:

  • Drag and Drop calendar suitable for content marketing, blog management, social media marketing and professional marketers.
  • Powerful social media scheduling and analytics tools.
  • Marketing calendars and work flow management.
  • Additional tools such as headline analyzer and social media optimizer.
  • Digital account with basic and premium features.
  • Integration with Google Drive, Evernote and other platforms.

Its effectiveness has been testified by Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Incomes who releases podcasts based on it.

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Have you ever found yourself lost among a sea of online articles and posts? Classic bookmarks can help you to a certain extent, but after that, managing large amount of information becomes a chore. Fortunately, Pocket acts as an online digital library which is literally accessible through your tablets, smartphones and computers.

It offers an easy interface which helps you to keep a track of relevant websites and influencers in your niche.

With simple a Google chrome browser extension, this library is accessible anywhere and even lets you add keywords and phrases to your bookmarked items. A must have for people who are constantly researching new advancements in their targeted niches.

The application offers your the following features:

  • Save articles, videos and other form of web content for viewing them later.
  • Save directly from your browser.
  • Save from applications like Twitter, Flipboard, Pulse and Zite.
  • Once saved, you can access the content without the internet.

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Grammarly acts as the grammar police in the writing world. With its efficient grammar and plagiarism checker, rechecking long articles becomes a breeze.

A slight drawback is the fact that majority of features are available for Premium users.
It offers the following features:

  • Grammarly is your online proofreader and provides editing for casual, business, medical and general writing.
  • One of the best plagiarism checker online.
  • Chrome extension, browser version and Microsoft word add-on.
  • Vocabulary enhancement, prepositions, grammar and spell checker.

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Email marketing and connecting with subscribers is the key for your online footprint and business growth. MailChimp is a super powerful email management system used by TED, The Economist, The Vice UK and many other great businesses.

Here are some of its features:

  • More than 6 million users.
  • Over 5 billion emails sent every month.
  • Free plan allows 2000 subscribers and 12000 emails per month.
  • Upgraded plans allow for auto respondents, conversation style email dialogue, spam filter diagnostic and up to 50000 plus subscribers.

MailChimp is a cloud based service and its sign up process is very easy. It is definitely a powerful free option for email marketers to stay connected with their subscribers and users.

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If you are a freelancer working with multiple clients you need a payment tracking and management software. FreshBooks offers just that and much more with its advanced invoice clients, log receipts and track time options.

With its time tracking feature, hourly work on a project can be easily shown. Invoices system makes you appear professional while helping you collect payments on time. It is cloud based and user friendly, with a fast interface. It is perfect for a small business to calculate the billings and doing a proper accounting.

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Developed by Soundhound, it acts as a powerful and better alternative to Siri, Cortana and Google Now. It is an auto voice analyzer, responder, translator and search query analyzer. Its key benefits lie in its ability to grasp absurd amount of different requests. It can process and provide specific results for a large number of simultaneous queries within minutes.

It is currently being integrated with Uber and other applications to facilitate users in booking of restaurants, transportation and much more. If you want a personal AI assistant, Hound is the way to go as it continues to make rapid advancements where Google and Apple have failed.

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Another calendar streamlining productivity tool, Calendly allows users to share links on social platforms and with clients to configure auto scheduling. A must have application for busy businessmen who cannot afford secretaries and virtual assistants. It is trusted by LinkedIn and University of Georgia with over 8,40,000 users.

Scheduling meetings and appointments becomes a breeze with Calendly. It protects you from double-booking by integrating with Google and other major calendar synchronization. It also helps in task automation with SalesForce, Zapier and much more.

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11IFTTT (If Then This That)

Managing your business including personal social media branding, shopping experience, weather forecasting, email backing and to-do lists can be a tough task. IFTTT delivers a smart automation platform which can integrate across multiple apps.

Offering innumerable possibilities, you can create automation tasks by designing your own customizable recipes. From auto reminders to backing up data, automatic social media posts to weather forecasts, IFTTT provides it all through one single app.

The easy interface provides users recommendations for top recipes used by others as well as history of already created recipes. With this app, automation is not a dream anymore, as you let IFTTT’s powerful features take control of the menial tasks.



Traackr is one of its kind productivity tool when it comes to Influence Relationship Management (IRM). It offers the following features:

  • Connect easily with influencers across multiple platforms.
  • Analyze the performance of influencers based on their productivity and actionable value.
  • Target top influencers suited for your brand of products.
  • Develop a deep relation with influencers.
  • Allow them to easily connect with you through Traackr platform.

IRM has never been this easy. Traackr’s success is evident since top brands such as HP, Loreal and Coca-Cola have been using it to increase their outreach and social media presence.

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CRM or Customer Relation Management is a key to succeed for any business. With over 400,000 businesses using Insightly, it is a highly valuable CRM software.

It acts as top-notch one stop solution for customer-business relation and provides following valuable features:

  • Project management with event and task planners, email tracking and milestone measurements.
  • Contact management which allows database based on telephone, email address, invoices, addresses, previous interactions, appointments and scheduling.
  • Business management with view calendars and deadline options.
  • Social CRM through obtaining customer social platform information such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Linked-In etc.

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SEMrush is a top-notch website analyzer tool which is able to measure your website performance based on valuable metrics including keyword positioning, high search organic keywords, backlinks analyzer, high traffic keywords etc.

It hosts 46,000,000 domains and 120,000,000 keywords in its concise database.

Another key feature of SEMrush is its ability to analyze your competitors’ websites which gives you a valuable feedback regarding keywords and ranking strategies applied by other relevant websites in your niche. SEMrush is a must have tool for any content marketing and blogger.

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Another popular automation service just like IFTTT, Zapier provides integration for over more than 700 platforms including Google Tools, Twitter, Facebook, News, Weather Forecasts and much more. This seamless integration allows you to synchronize multiple apps at the same time.

Just like IFTTT, Zapier recommends popular Zaps used by other users. Its free plan allows limited app integration however the premier plan offers much more integration options for a minimal cost.

If you want to bring automation in your life, then Zapier could be the perfect solution for your needs.

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If you are getting continuously distracted with menu bars, gadgets, desktop icons and open windows then, Undistracted app for Mac is the perfect solution for you. Undistracted gives a variety of useful features:

  • Ability to quickly hide desktop icons.
  • Hides the menu bar.
  • Goes into shadow mode in which the open window is focused only.
  • “Do Not Disturb Mode” allows for messengers to not disturb you.
  • One click magic button which performs all that for a single click and gives you an undistracted working experience on your Macbook.

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A time management and productivity app for business owners, Rescue Time monitors your average time usage across multiple websites like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr etc. It allows you to locate your weak spots and time sinks thereby allowing you to plan yourself accordingly to save time.

Rescue Time’s paid version offers much more features with the ability to generate highly detailed reports, time alerts and distracting websites blocking service.

If you want to analyze your productivity and enhance your time management, then RescueTime will work really good for you.

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Scoro is a work management software favored by advertisement, IT and small businesses. Its neat and interactive interface works perfectly for businesses looking for one-stop solution to invoices, project management, accounts information, key performance indicators and outstanding indicators.

It also provides with employee restricted access levels, so you can control who accesses how much data.

Additionally it benefits users by providing easy integration with other tools such as DropBox, MailChimp, Xero and others.

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19Hemingway Editor

Hemingway Editor is a powerful productivity tool for writers who want to save time by quickly proofreading their articles, blogs and online content. The editor works well for following types of texts:

  • Small, medium and long length blog posts and articles.
  • Newspapers and press releases.
  • Website content.

It points mistakes in writing long sentences, complex structure, adverbs and passive voice usage. Users can then use the colored highlighted suggestions and make changes accordingly.

A really helpful tool for writers and proofreaders who work on tight deadlines.

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Analyzing Business intelligence metrics across multiple platforms can be an active task to tackle and Cyfe provides a solution for this problem.

It offers advanced features for multiple websites integration and business monitoring across top platforms such as Google+, Paypal, Facebook, Twitter and many more.

It also gives you the ability to create custom generated dashboards for your customers to keep them in loop and give them a valuable feedback.

Metrics are an important way to analyze your business and with the help of Cyfe, this process becomes much more easier and convenient.

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Hiveage is a highly affordable invoicing and payment solution for freelancers and small businesses alike. It provides the following key features:

  • Invoicing estimates to be sent to clients with the ability to convert them into actual invoices.
  • Personal branding.
  • Time tracking option for timely projects and tasks.
  • Online payments acceptance through multiple gateways.
  • Easy management of multiple teams and businesses.
  • Detailed financial analysis reports based on your current capital and future expenditures.

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This concludes our list of top productivity tools, which will help you to increase your productivity, impart mental discipline and allow you to enhance your working standards.

Staying productive is really important in today’s competitive environment. It is really important that you keep a pace with your competitors whether you are a business owner or you are handling a team of people.

Do try the given tools which you find appropriate for your work and see yourself on a much productive path. Also, do let us know in the comments section below if you have any suggestions. We would love to know your views regarding the tools listed in this post. Have a productive day!