How to Choose a Domain Name?- The Ultimate Guide

Choosing a domain name is similar to choosing a company name. The domain name depicts your brand on the web and helps you to connect with your target audience.


Finding a suitable domain name for your business requires a lot of personal effort and brainstorming. Choosing a good and relevant domain name is an utmost necessity to reach a pedestal in your business.

There are various ways to find the perfect domain name for your online presence. The following is a comprehensive explanation of the best way to choose a domain name for your personal portfolio or your upcoming business venture.

How Your Domain Name Affects The Performance Of Your Website?


Before delving into the process of choosing a domain name for your website, it is important to understand why the domain name is an important element in powering the success fuel for your website.

How does it do this?

A good domain name that is relatable to your business makes your task somewhat easier as your audience would be able to quickly connect with your brand and service.

Your domain name is the identity of your website. This simply means that the name of the domain is the one that your targeted audience of customers/users will be using to identify your website.

Based on this, a lot of effort has to be channeled to the process of choosing a good domain.

If you are just starting out with your first blog, finding a good domain may be a tough job in the beginning.

Generally, the choice of a domain name has a huge impact on various aspects of your business. Other areas of internet marketing that are affected by the choice of a domain name are social media search results, offline advertising, referral links and an overall number of backlinks.

You would certainly not want to mess up with the domain name of your business.

Tips For Choosing A Domain Name


After singling out the main reasons that make the process of choosing a domain name important, it is now time to proceed to the various noteworthy tips for choosing a domain name.

1Keep It Simple And Easy To Type


Try by all means to keep your domain name as simple and short as possible.

The last thing you want to do is to have a domain name that takes minute(s) to type out. This will lead to a painful task for your users as they will have to type a long domain name that is both difficult to remember and more susceptible to error.

Long domain names make the website look spammy and less legit. This will possibly lead to an increase in the bounce rate of your website and further affect your SERP results.

Try by all means to avoid using complicated words that your targeted audience of page visitors may easily misspell.

2Make It Catchy


The other thing worth bearing in mind is the catchiness of your domain name.

Some websites are able to attract huge page visitors simply because they are backed by a catchy domain name. Buzzfeed is a good example of this which attracts a good audience due to the relevance of its name with its niche.

Further, a domain name can also be likened to the company name. Generally, the company names which are appealing to read are usually able to attract more customers. Perfect examples of domain names that are catchy are given below:

  • Easily attracts individuals who are looking for greetings and quotes that can be used to wish their loved ones during an occasion.
  • The domain will attract the individuals who want to order food at their place.
  • The domain name will attract a selected group of targeted audience who is interested to know the live score of the cricket match.

3Use Keywords


In internet marketing, a business website is referred to as a platform for marketing a business. If the name itself doesn’t suit the services or products offered by the website, it will become somewhat difficult for the marketing team to run the branding campaigns both online and offline.

Successful marketing campaigns are fairly easy to achieve for websites which have a relevant domain name with respect to the context of the services or products provided by them.

Well, we cannot make claims that a keyword oriented domain will help the domain to rank higher in SERP’s for that specific keyword. However, experiments have shown that having the main keywords in your domain name that are related to your business helps you to rank better in the SERPs for your services and products.

For example: if you are looking forward to setting up an SEO agency, it would be a good idea to use the keyword “SEO” in your company websites name. This would make your services more relatable to your domain. Some of the examples could be:, etc

Thus, when keywords are used in the domain names, they contribute to the high visibility of the domain names in the search engines results page. For this reason, incorporating keywords in domain names is a perfect idea.

In most cases, it is advisable to use the keyword research techniques to discover the keywords with a good number of search volume. Such keywords can then be used to come up with a domain name.

Generally, if your domain name consists the keywords related to the business, product or service you are promoting, it becomes comparatively easier to rank on the search engine.

This is because search engines give preference to a domain name carrying more information related to the specific keyword. Major examples of how to incorporate keywords in domain names are given below.

  • Shared hosting is the keyword incorporated here.
  • Host is the keyword incorporated here.
  • Seafood is the keyword incorporated here.

4Try To Make It As Short As Possible


Page visitors are usually attracted to short website names. If you have a website name whose combination of words leads to a long domain name, you will struggle to attract visitors to your web page.

What makes this a serious issue is the fact that it also has a huge bearing on the ability of the website to pull page viewers from social media sites.

Combining keyword research techniques along with the ability to come up with catchy titles is all you need. This is enough to enable you to come up with a domain name that is short and simple to type out.

5Make it Easy to Memorize


When coming up with a domain name, the last thing you can do is to make it complicated and hard to remember.

This may arise due to the length of the domain name or due to the complicated terms that you may have used. For example, is easier to remember than Although both sound the same, the second one is fairly difficult to remember.

Thus, try to keep the domain name as clean and simple as possible so that it leaves an everlasting impression on your audience. There is no doubt why big brands have become big due to the simplicity and relevance of their domain name that is easy to remember and type.

6Build Your Brand And Protect It


This is also important in a number of ways. First of all, your brand name will have an impact on how easily your targeted audience of customers can find you.

Most notably, it will impact the visibility of your website in the search engines and on the social media sites.

To build a brand, you simply have to carry out extensive research on specific domain names that are available. Once you have figured out the right domain name, you can use it to build your brand.

It is easier to connect to a brand for a specific service. Whatsapp is the best example of this. “WhatsApp me!” is a common term that is used nowadays in place of “Message me” which depicts the actual service.

7Carry Out Some Research


Domain names are numerous in number. It is actually safe to say that the list of domain names that exists is almost beyond exhausting. Since domain names are mere combinations of different letters and numbers along with certain characters. A countless number of combinations can be made.

Carrying out a research prior to choosing a domain name can help you to know which domain names are worth using and which ones are not. You can even seek an audience with an expert to supplement your research efforts.

The best way is to analyze the domains of your competitors. Jot down the top 10 domain names, observe the words/keywords that are exclusively used to attract the target audience. Use the highly repeated words and play with some combinations to derive the perfect name for your business.

8Take Fast Action


After carrying out a thorough research on the domain names that are available, the next thing you have to do is to buy the domain name of your choice almost immediately.

Most people do not value the importance of doing this until they are told that the domain name they have always longed to use is no longer available.

But, it is always worth keeping in mind since the demand for domain names is rather high. There is no need to think that you are the only one researching for the specific domain name. Other people are doing the same at a pace that is perhaps faster than yours.

9Use An Appropriate Domain Extension


The next important thing to keep in mind while searching for a domain name is to have an appropriate extension. A domain name extension is the last combination of letters at the end of a website name preceded by a dot.

Over the years, many domain names have emerged on the scene. But, each of them is associated with a certain level of popularity. Today, the .com extension is by far the most popular choice for a domain name extension.

But, using it and successfully realizing your desired internet marketing results may be tricky. This is mainly because most interesting, catchy and memorable domain names with this extension have been already taken.

In order to beat this challenge, you can use a domain that is related to what your business is about. For example, .photography, .edu and .masters may be perfect choices of domain extensions. Other major extensions worth looking out for are given below.

  • .info: Often used by information sites
  • .biz: Business sites or commercial use sites
  • .co: Companies and communities often use this extension
  • .org: Often used by organizations and non-profit groups
  • .me: For personal sites such as blogs, biographies and resumes.
  • .net: Often used by technical and infrastructure planning sites

10Choose Your Targeted Audience


As indicated earlier, coming up with a domain name that is very easy to memorize is very important. It is one of the best ways to attract web traffic to your website. One of the best ways to make a domain name very easy to memorize is by including the targeted area in it. This can be the name of a city, a town or suburb.

The targeted audience of page viewers will be enticed to search for a website whose location is in the city or town of their preference.

This is usually the case because customers often search for companies that are situated within the areas of their choice. Such a domain name would also be very easy to type out.

Some examples of domain names with the name of a town in them are indicated below:


11Try By All Means To Avoid Numbers And Hyphens


Although hyphens and numbers are often very easy to combine and produce a unique domain name, they are not associated with domain names that attract a lot of web traffic. As such, they should be avoided from the domain names.

Most people wonder why this is important since numbers and hyphens are generally easier to memorize and mention to people than long sentences.

But, picture yourself as spelling out a domain name to someone. If there is a numeral or a set of characters such as hyphens, you will find it tricky to spell those out.

For example, a domain name featuring the number 5 may sound as if it contains “five”. This may lead to a confusing in your users’ mind.


In general, a domain name can impact the performance of a website in a number of ways. This includes offline advertising, social media marketing, and search engine optimization.

Your marketing results will be greatly affected by the choice of your domain name. For this reason, you have to put in a lot of efforts in choosing an appropriate domain name for your business.

Important points worth bearing in mind include avoiding hyphens and numbers, use of short and easy to memorize domain names, use of keywords along with your targeted area and choosing a domain name that is easy to brag about.

The right domain will save you a lot of advertisement and marketing cost in the long run with a condition, your product and services should be outstanding as compared to your competitors.

We hope you must have a gained some really good and important points from this guide.

Don’t forget to share your views in the comments section below.