15+ Tips to Increase Your Social Media Presence as a Marketer

When we talk about social media, Facebook is the foremost platform which strikes our mind. Although, there are other platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest which also cater to people from around the globe.

Nowadays, most individuals or businesses make use of social media platforms in one way or another for the sole purpose of reaching customers from different locations and walks of life.


Some of the biggest social media influencers like Gary Vaynerchuk, Grant Cardone, Neil Patel use social media as their prime tool to market their products and services.

So, if you are a budding entrepreneur or business owner who is looking to expand their services into multiple markets, this post will help you to know how to increase your social media presence and gain potential customers and clients through social media.

How To Increase Your Social Media Reach?

Social media is not just for chatting, reading posts and watching cat memes. For a marketer, it is the biggest platform to reach to a wide global audience.

While many of the new entrepreneurs have reached a great height using social media as their prime tool of marketing, you don’t need a proof to understand that social media plays a major role for any online marketer or entrepreneur to market their services or products.

Moreover, it is a free channel to substitute for your marketing knowledge, skills, and experience in the field. Using social media, you can not only increase your fan following and prove yourself to be a perfect marketer, you can also reach your target audience and increase your sales by spending a lot less on conventional marketing channels.

This post is for you if you are a budding entrepreneur, business owner, product manufacturer or an online marketer and you are looking for the legit options and ways to increase your social media presence and reach without spending a dime.

In this detailed post, we are going to discuss more than fifteen steps using which you can increase your social media presence and reach more of your target audience.

1 Post Content That Is Useful


To many people, this may seem like a very basic step but it is very crucial one. The moment you want to extend your social media reach, you have to share some attractive and interesting posts that actually instill value to your audience.

Once people discover that whatever is posted on a certain page is informative and helpful to them, they tend to follow and even share it so that their friends and colleagues can see the same and benefit from it.

Consistency is also very important when it comes to posting relevant and useful information on your social media handles. There is no way you can be putting up one post in a span of a month or two and expect to have a mass following.

People need to see something new each and every single day so that they can be updated constantly and your concept and service sticks to their mind over the period of time.

2 Work Smart


It is very wrong to assume that being present on all social media platforms will be helpful to your business.

There is no need to waste your time and energy on social platforms on which your followers probably do not have accounts.

There are some simple steps you can use to ensure you do not waste your time.

  • Carry Out Surveys– Take time and ask your audience which social media platform they mostly use. You can send a short and lucrative email to your lists of subscribers or, you could simply ask the question by giving a pop-up on your website. This will help you to know where to actually target your customers.
  • Spy Your Competitors– It is very important to be keen on what your competitors are doing. Where are your competitors updating their posts? If you visit a specific platform and do not see any posts from your competitors, it means you should probably avoid that platform.

3 Making Use Of Keywords


This is a means of driving traffic to a certain page. Nowadays, people do not only search things on Google and other search engines alone. This behavior has spread to Facebook and Twitter as well. Every social media platform has some words that work perfectly with it. For example:

  • Facebook: comment, post, deals and when.
  • Twitter: free, top great and follow.
  • LinkedIn: researched, developed, won and created.

These keywords keep on changing as time goes by. You will get to know once you start following the trend.

4 Best Posting Hours


No matter what time of day or night it is, you can always find people online. Influencers actually believe it is a good decision to post when most people are online.

Well, it is a good idea, but the problem is that you end up facing so much competition since most of your competitors would also be posting at that time. The point here is to make sure your post is seen. Therefore, non-peak hours are the best to publish your posts.

As per Sproutsocial, these are some of the best times you can be active on your respective social media accounts.

  • On Thursdays and Fridays between 1 pm and 3 pm on Facebook.
  • For Twitter, weekdays between 12 pm and 6 pm.
  • From Tuesday until Thursday between 8 am to 5 pm on LinkedIn.

5 Mention Your Social Media Profile On All Online Properties


A running business probably has a website, business cards, a store and an email address. Social media platforms have to be mentioned on all of these properties you have using which you showcase your business.

In order to engage more users with your content and service over the period of time, it is necessary that you mention your social profiles on your website. This will tell your visitor about your social handles and would further help them to stay connected to your services through multiple mediums.

Cross-promoting your social media presence is also very important. Your likes on Twitter may be turned into Facebook likes and the other way round. Your social media presence has to be known everywhere.

Over the period of time when you have a decent amount of likes and followers, you can use them on your website to show your new visitors a social proof about your products and services.

Just imagine visiting a site and you see that it has got more than ten thousand likes or so. This will surely instill some sort of trust factor inside you about that particular website and the service it is offering.

6 Constantly Engage Your Followers


Your social media profiles should have enough content to engage your upcoming new followers. It should have new updates about your products and services. You should regularly reply to the comments and queries of your audience.

The moment comments and messages are replied instantly, people are happy and they love to spread the word around. Therefore, more people will come to know about your services and products.

Word of mouth is a powerful tool. It will eventually help you spread your social media reach and you will end up getting new audiences time and time again.

For better engagement, you could request your clients to write testimonials on your page so that other followers get a chance to see how good your products or services are. They would somewhat relate the experience of your customers to their own experience if they avail your services. That is why it is important that you add some good testimonials of your customers and influencers if possible.

7 Focus On Your Target Audience


Followers who do not promote your business in any way just add to your junk numbers. As much having a large number of followers shows that your page is popular, low engagement automatically affects the credibility of your brand.

To develop a targeted social media following, you have to know about your target audience. You should know about their demographics, interests, hobbies, age groups, income streams, family inheritance etc.

Knowing such metrics, you can target your audience with the content that they would like to engage with. In order to achieve a good targetted audience, you can even promote your pages and profiles using paid advertisement but that is not we would discuss in this post.

8 Giveaways


This would be an ideal way of rewarding people who have been loyal to you and your brand. Strong branding of your contests and giveaways automatically helps you build page awareness. The moment you have a new product in the market, involve it in a sharing contest. This is a tactic that’s used by most of the marketers.

The main point of doing this is ensuring that people participate while at the same time they bring in new participants. This is only possible when you are giving a remarkable product in your give away which involves your target audience.

A good example would be to like, share or comment on your giveaway post to ensure an active participation in the contest. Take time analyzing the results and see how people respond. If all goes well, create a more challenging contest for your audience.

9 Maximize Your Marketing


Every social media platform is different from another. Each has their own set of advantages and disadvantages.

It is therefore advised to go after their advantage and benefit from it.

One mistake that most new marketers make is posting the same message on all their social media pages. This is a very big blunder.


Every social media platform has different motives. A good example is, on LinekdIn, people are basically searching for either new jobs or for connecting with more influential people in their industry. You cannot expect to expand your reach posting funny memes on LinkedIn. Your post should be somewhat related to professionalism and career opportunities.

On the other hand, Facebook works well with images and posts. Overlooking this ends up messing your social media page at the end of the day because it does not work.

10 Making Use Of Emojis


Emojis have been accepted in today’s online vocabulary. Founder of Wordstream, Mr. Larry Kim says that making use of emojis boosts social media reach by a great percentage. As much as they are an advantage, emojis can also be tricky.

If used well, they can help you capture more attention by informing the reader the emotions and ideas around a specific post. Generally, putting emojis once or twice in your post will surely help you to connect deeper with your target audience.

11 Using Hashtags


Nowadays on social media, most conversations are organized according to hashtags. It has, therefore, become very easy for someone to join in on trending discussions that are relevant to their brand or interest.

There are some applications like HootSuite and Hashtagify that have been developed to help people search and find the relevant hashtags.

You can use a hashtag for your brand, blog, service so that the customers can find the latest updates related to your company by simply searching for the specific hashtag. It is a great way of brand building.

12Know What Is Trending


For a page to gain an edge over its competitors, it is very important to know what is trending in the current market.

Making use of Google and Twitter trends ensures that you are always up to date with what is going on in your industry. Once you know what is going in your industry, you can automatically align any post related to the latest trends.

If you are keen on what is trending, you can always chip in on a conversation under a specific hashtag. To be able to gain high social media reach, you need to know what is trending in your industry. You can always search the internet so that you can see what topics are trending in your niche. You can simply replicate the trending content and post a similar content on your social profile.

13 Quotes As Images


Images play an important role to catch the attention of your user. Images including quotes can help you reach a wide audience on the social media.

Moreover, images are shared more than posts and thus, it is a good idea to include quotes in the images to increase your social media reach.

You can either play around with witty quotes, motivational quotes, business quotes and whatever you find relevant to your brand.

For designing images, you can use a free tool Canva using which you can create highly engaging good graphics with easy drag and drop. You do not need professional designing skills to get that perfect image. The tool even provides you a whole new gallery of stock photos that you can use for free.

14Optimize Your Social Media Profiles


There is a difference between a profile of a complete beginner and that of a professional marketer. A newbie would be very casual with their approach of handling their social media channels.

In order to make your social profile stand out from the rest, make use of these tactics right now!

  • A username that is easy to remember.
  • A brandable logo for your users.
  • Keywords which are very rich in description and gives a gist about your services to your users.
  • A link back to your website.

All these factors can be used when you are selecting images or call-to-action to use. They apply to all the social media platforms.

15Balance Between Promotional And Useful Content


Most people use social media platforms to promote their products. As much as you do this, you also have to think about your users. They expect to find content that is useful to them as well.

Sharing valuable information like: how-to guidelines and articles enables more trust of your users on your brand.

You cannot gain customers if your motive is to simply promote your product without providing any value to your audience. The rule is usually 80/20. 80% should be the helpful information while 20% should be the brand promotion.

16Post On Schedule


Your audience’s real time activity and position of your post on their timeline dictate your reach. In some cases, your audience may not get the chance to see what you have posted, meaning your content performance will be stunted.

In order to increase your engagement and reach, you should post relevant content related to your niche multiple times during the day. You could use a free tool like Hootsuite or Buffer to ease out your tasks.

17Using Video Content


Videos are actually giving social media a new look. They have a higher chance to reach more users than photos, hence making your brand more recognized by new people.

To be able to increase your social media reach, you need to develop a video plan that cuts across all the social media pages that you are active on. The good thing is that it allows your followers to engage. You do not really need professional video editing skills, a simple phone can be just enough for your vlogs. A good example of this is Gary Vaynerchuk. He makes daily vlogs about his day to day entrepreneurial hustle and now he has millions of people who watch his videos on YouTube and Facebook.

Another advantage is going live. So much interaction has been created due to the fact that there is an option of taking live videos on Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook.

Truly, social media has indeed become the land of opportunities for a marketer.


Increasing your social media presence is not a one-day task. You need to work on your skills and content and improve it day by day.

Beginners who are just starting out on social media as influencers think that social media is a very difficult game to conquer but it’s not. You need to follow the basics and consistently provide valuable content to your target audience.

You need to know the psychology of your target audience, their likes, dislikes, common interest area etc. Once you are able to catch their nerve, you will soon see your reach increasing day-by-day.

Remember, once you have a good database of followers, you would have to strive to make them stay connected with your brand.

As you must have gone through the above 17 points, following them, you can surely reach a pedestal on social media and make a powerful brand entity.

Don’t forget to share your views in the comments section below.