16 Best Work From Home Jobs to Attain Financial Freedom

Online Freelancing has changed the entire job market. According to Freelancers Union report, at the start of 2017, freelancers comprised more than 35% of USA workforce.

According to Forbes, the industry has grown to 55 million freelancers who contributed $1 trillion earnings to the economy.


Forbes further predicts continued growth of the industry with employers adopting new methods to include remote workforce in their team.

Top paying freelancing jobs have made people millionaires and it is time for you to embrace financial freedom and success by opting for a freelancing job in your expertise.

Let’s first see a quick list of the top home based jobs.

So without waiting any further, let’s delve into the main stuff and see how you can begin earning from the comfort of your home.

1Voiceover Artists


Gone are the days when a single booming male voice dominated all the commercials and audio programs. In the recent years, demand for talented audio artists has skyrocketed.

From video games to YouTube videos, audiobooks to training courses, commercials to autoresponder messages, sales pitches to podcasts, voice over artists are needed everywhere.

They are a need of big organizations and small businesses alike. As a voiceover artist, you will adopt various characters and might be asked to promote businesses, run marketing campaigns on the radio or prepare a detailed course material for a college label.

No doubt, the scope for voice over artists is immense. Lastly, they are paid quite well, much better than other high-end regular jobs in many cases.

Earning Potential:

According to Telegraph.co.uk, you can earn as much as € 68.16 i.e nearly $78.51 on hourly rates.

For complete projects, pay can range from $75 up to several thousand dollars. Talented artists may even earn six figures.

Skills Required:

Being a voice over artist is a great work from home job and you will require following equipment to get started:

  • Basic Audio editing skills and knowledge of softwares like Audacity, Logic Pro Tools and Twisted Wave.
  • Closed-back circumaural headphones to prevent sound from leaking.
  • Microphones with isolation filter, pop filter and shock absorbers to reduce unwanted ambiance.

You might have these tools already available. Once you are ready, it is time to choose your voice over style.

Most demanded styles include commercial, announcement, biography, narration, character, corporate, internet, exercise, inspiration, education and film. Experts recommend choosing a style based on your personality.

How To Get Clients?

There are multiple ways to find a targeted client base. These include:

  • Scouring YouTube for videos that require voiceover artists.
  • Signing up for casting websites such as Voicebunny, Voices and Voice123.
  • Searching for clients through Google Search, Twitter Hashtags and Freelancing sites like Upwork and Freelancer.
  • Creating a gig on Fiverr and promoting it through social media.

2Content Marketing


With the start of inbound marketing trend, content has become important. Small and big businesses alike are investing in blogs, white papers, promotional content, product reviews, ebooks and helpful guides to promote their business.

These businesses require good content marketers for their business growth and promotion. Content writers who can write intelligently and produce unique content are in great demand.

According to statistics:

  • Content marketing jobs have increased by 350% since 2011.
  • Salaries have increased by 13% from 2016 to 2017.
  • LinkedIn Jobs have increased by 168%.

Earning Potential:

Content marketers can earn from as low as 0.1 $ per word to 1$ per word, with an average median salary of $43,889.

Typical blog posts may pay from 25$ to 300$.

Skills Required:

Content marketing is another job which requires minimal to no investment. All you need are good writing skills that can captivate the reader and deliver your intended message. You do not need to be an Oxford, Harvard or Cambridge graduate.

Depending on your interests, you can choose from the different categories of content marketing:

  • Writing press releases
  • Creating FAQs, White Papers and Terms of Service
  • Writing helpful blog posts, Product Reviews and Buying Guides
  • Case studies, Email-Newsletters, and E-books
  • Social Media Posts that have the potential to go viral

How To Get Clients?

There are numerous ways and opportunities to get clients. These include:

  • Creating your own website and showcasing your portfolio for your clients.
  • Joining freelancing websites such as Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr, Peopleperhour and many others.
  • Searching for jobs through Facebook groups, Twitter and Google+
  • Joining job boards such as Problogger, Flexjobs, Inbound, Indeed and Mashable.
  • Looking for clients using Quora and Reddit which will also give you networking opportunities.
  • Cold pitching emails and samples to website/business owners.
  • Joining content mills such as Iwriter, Hirewriters and Textun, though be advised pay is less on content mills.

3Online Transcriber


Transcription involves listening to audio recordings and then writing contents on a written document which is subsequently presented to the clients.

Common jobs in this field include writing transcription for legal cases, medical prescriptions, online courses, video recordings, lectures, presentations, dictations and radio programs.

As transcribers gain experience, they have an opportunity to become an editor and gain senior editor ranks.

Most transcribers find projects through transcription websites which have a strict requirement of industry approved font styles.

Earning Potential:

Payment models differ on per word, per line, per audio hour and per page basis.

  • Per word range is from 0.5 cents to 0.695 cents.
  • Per line range is from 8 cents to 20 cents.
  • Per page range is from $1 to $1.5
  • Per audio hour range can start from $10 and go up to $100 or more. Average earning per finished audio hour is usually between $25 and $50.

Skills Required:

Good transcriptionists must possess enhanced listening ability, fast and accurate typing speed, working knowledge of transcription software and an excellent command over the language.

Additionally, transcribers must be able to distinguish between accents based on linguistics, gender, and ethnicity. To further improve performance, transcribers should use foot pedals for easier audio controls.

How To Get Clients?

  • Make accounts on popular freelancing websites.
  • Search the internet and freelance job boards for transcribers’ jobs.
  • Make an account with audio transcription websites, some famous names include TranscribeMe, Appen, TigerFish, Quicktate, and Crowdsurfwork.

4 Website and Software Developer


Website and Software development is a very lucrative career and a work-from-home job. However, be advised, this one might require you to get some serious coding skills. It is a perfect job for you if you are doing web development in real or associated with some computer software.

A developer may be required to perform the following tasks:

  • Design templates and website layout for clients.
  • Modify and integrate software with websites.
  • Optimize code for generation of web pages and databases.
  • Create a user-friendly experience by designing responsive website designs that are suitable for the web and mobile application.

Earning Potential:

Web developers earn an annual median salary of $58000 with a 27% projected job growth rate.

Skills Required:

  • Programming skills, some major languages include MySQL, PHP, Javascript, Python, Swift and Ruby on Rails. You can achieve a good living if you are a master of coding and you know how to solve algorithmic problems using programming.

Currently, WordPress developers are also in high demand as it is a popular website builder because of its strong support, community, features, e-commerce support, themes, and ease of use.

How To Get Clients?

5Affiliate Marketing


In essence, affiliate marketing is a referral program in which you promote other companies’ products through your website.

If consumers buy using your affiliate links, you earn a percentage of commission on total sale amount. It consists of three parties; merchant selling the product, affiliate who promotes the product and customer who makes the purchase.

Targeted traffic is the gateway to success in affiliate marketing. More traffic translates to more conversion rates and ultimately more commission revenues.

Affiliate marketing is appealing as it involves minimal investments, secure payment, and low risks.

Earning Potential:

Commission percentage varies from as low as 5% to as high as 50%. It depends on companies’ affiliate programs.

Some companies have multi-tier or pyramid programs where you can earn money from sales of affiliates that were originally referred by you.

Skills Required:

  • Content Writing is the key; you need to review products that you wish to promote thereby providing your readers with valuable content.
  • You also need to have a good idea of internet marketing and SEO tactics so that you can drive traffic to your website. These include social media sharing, YouTube videos, and venture webinars.
  • Always choose a product with a good commission and affiliate program. When choosing affiliate programs look for trust rating, history, and payment methods.
  • Build email subscribers list and promote affiliate links through email marketing.

6Virtual Assistant


As outsourcing becomes common, many businesses and entrepreneurs prefer virtual assistants for administrative support.

These virtual assistants work remotely and provide assistance with bookkeeping, data entries, data presentations, email management, social tasks, accounting, travel, customer dealing and scheduling.

Virtual assistants can either sign up as an employee for a virtual assistance firm or create their own business.

People with own business get paid much more as compared to employees.

Earning Potential:

Virtual assistance industry is projected to grow to $5 billion by 2020. Beginners can expect to earn $12 per hour with the top VAs earning close to $60 per hour. With experience, you can apply for bigger firms that provide even higher rates.

Skills Required:

If you are an excellent communicator, meticulous about details and manage your time effectively; then you qualify for a virtual assistant. Microsoft word and administrative experience is a plus point.

Other essential skills include multi-tasking, organizational skills, accounting, computer software knowledge, strong business sense and client management.

How To Get Clients?

7Online Translator


Translation is a viable career path for those with bilingual proficiency or a degree in linguistics. Translation is a 47.3 billion dollar industry and the USA projects an increase of 46% in translation jobs from 2012 to 2022.

You can work either with a translating firm or as an independent freelancer. Good online translators have thorough knowledge about language punctuations, cultural norms and social taboos of language pairs. This enables them to better convey the message based on their audience desires.

Earning Potential:

Pay scale varies based on language pair demand, rarity, language direction and your experience. Translators can expect to earn $46,120 median pay per year at a rate of $22.17 per hour.

Being an expert in medical, legal and engineering terms can allow you to further enhance your potential earnings.

Skills Required:

  • Bilingual proficiency in any language
  • Localization translation ability which is suited for businesses. It aims at delivering content using native language persuasion techniques.
  • Transcreation translation which focuses more on the emotional aspect of the message. Translators may add additional words to generate a stronger response among their reader base.
  • Certification from translation agencies and command over Microsoft Office.
  • CAT Tools: These help by aligning text, performing spell checks and much more to improve consistency and speed. Popular tools are Trados, Wordfast and memoQ.
  • Translation Memory Tools: Auto-restore translated texts so you will never have to translate the same sentence twice.

How To Get Clients?

  • Apply for online internships at Wayup to gain some experience.
  • Register for following websites to find jobs:
  • Apply for translation jobs through freelancing platforms.

8Online Consulting


Online consultants are needed in every field be it legal, medical, IT, business planning, public relations or project management. Entrepreneurs need expert advice and therefore they look for people with experience in their respective fields.

As a consultant, you will work closely with the company management and provide solutions for their business growth, sales increase, and objectives achievement.

Some clients may also ask online consultants to conduct surveys for statistical purposes or analyze competing firms in any industry.

Earning Potential:

Expect to earn at least $25 per hour to as much as $60 per hour through reputable websites. Business, public relations, and management consultants get the fattest paychecks.

Required Skills:

  • Internet marketing strategies through social media, job platforms, and LinkedIn.
  • Expertise in your subject, be it advertising, management, legal, construction, medical or finance.
  • High-speed internet, telephone line and payment tracker software like Freshbooks, Dropbox. Additionally, you may also need a file sharing platform.

How To Get Clients?

  • Register at LinkedIn. It is the single best source for consultancy jobs and networking.

Apply for consultancy jobs through consultancy websites. Top websites include:

Clarity Consultants: Expert consultants website with minimum pay at $60 per hour.

Maven: It is another great website with minimum pay at $25/hour.

Zintro: It has great initial pays but requires a $99.95 membership contract.

9Blog Advertising


You can generate a steady income by monetizing your blogs. In fact, most online bloggers earn through two ways: Advertisements and Affiliate links.

Successful bloggers utilize content marketing, SEO, and marketing strategies to drive recurring traffic to their blogs. Once traffic is established, visitors may click on relevant advertisements. Each click generates small revenue for blogger based on Cost-Per-Click (CPC) which is then paid by advertising networks like Google Adsense, Infolinks, and Media.net.

Earning Potential:

Income is completely variable; some people may earn $10 a month while others might earn more than $1000 per day.

Skills Required:

In order to increase your income, you will need to learn following skills:

  • Traffic Generation: Traffic is the key; basically, you add advertisements on your blog which people might click. For a website with 10,000 visitors per month and a click-through rate of 5%, you will have approximately 500 clicks. If your Cost per click is $1, then you can potentially earn $500 per month. Increase traffic to greatly enhance your earnings by getting backlinks, content marketing, SEO optimization, guest posts and social media marketing.
  • Content Marketing: Write great content or outsource it from platforms like Iwriter, Hirewriters etc.
  • Advertisement Networks: Diversify yourself and apply for multiple advertising networks apart from Google AdSense.
  • Ad Placement Strategies: Learn ad placement strategies, top placement areas include Ads within the content, above content, left of the title, native ads beneath the content and immediately below the content.
  • Types of Advertisements: Develop a balance between text-based ads, contextual ads, banner ads and direct ads on your blog posts.

10SEO Specialist


High SERPs (Search Engine Ranking Pages) is a need for all online businesses, e-commerce stores, and blogs. This has made SEO specialist a highly lucrative career in the online world with multiple firms providing SEO consulting services.

Typically SEO specialists are required to have a working knowledge of ranking factors, advertisement solutions, HTML, JavaScripts, search engine algorithms and latest marketing trends. Most reputed businesses prefer organic traffic generated through search engines as it gives much better results than paid media and advertisements.

Earning Potential:

SEO specialists have a wide range of salary, typically median average salary is around $42,862 per year. You might earn more or less depending upon your ability.

Skills Required:

  • Websites and pages optimization for high SERPs and traffic referrals.
  • Keyword analysis, planning, research and mapping using LSI keywords, long-tail keywords and keyword phrases.
  • Website audit for repairing broken links, crawl errors, server errors, missing pages.
  • Optimization of user-experience to increase on-site time and returning traffic.
  • Analysis and implementation of banner ads and advertisement campaigns for advertisement marketing.
  • Competitor analysis through keyword analyzes, SEMrush and other tools.

How to Get Clients:

  • Apply online to SEO agencies for work at home job.
  • Create your own website and promote yourself through Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Forums.
  • Outreaching businesses through their websites.

11Social Media Manager


With 50 million Facebook business pages, Social Media Managers are needed by all online businesses. Companies are willing to invest in order to expand their business profiles to Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Facebook. This creates many job opportunities for social media content managers who act as brand promoters.

According to 2017 statistics, 4 million businesses on Facebook alone are willing to pay for social media advertising services. Content managers either work alone or associate themselves with a consulting firm.

Earning Potential:

Pay range is variable though, expect to earn between $50 to $500 for consultation and around $5000 minimum for marketing plan setup. You might want to do investments initially and that may cost you around $500 or less.

Skills Required:

  • Social Media Auditing skills to analyze business pages on the basis of engagement, traffic referrals, page views, comments etc.
  • Social Media consulting and strategic planning to make businesses increase their online networking profile.
  • Complete implementation of business models across multiple platforms.
  • Planning of content creation and advertisement campaigns.
  • Graphic and image editing for banners cover pages and logos.

How to Get Clients?

  • Through freelancing websites and generic job boards.
  • Directly applying to social media agencies or creating your own business through social media advertising/ website advertising.
  • Agencies that hire regular social media specialists like Appen, $99social and MODSquad.

12Virtual Recruiter


Traditional recruiting and hiring models have become outdated as companies prefer online recruiters over on-site HR staff.

A virtual recruiter helps streamline the hiring process by advertising for clients, reviewing resumes, performing background checks, and connecting candidates with the employer for interviewing.

Some VRs may also be asked to conduct online or telephonic interviews with candidates. Final candidates selected by virtual recruiters are sent directly to clients for final assessment.

Earning Potential:

As a virtual recruiter, you can easily earn a handsome amount, expect to earn between $20/hr to as much as $70/hr. Median salary is about $49,935 per year.

Skills Required:

Good intercommunication, language and time management skills. It would be even better if you have previous experience as a recruiter. Some organizations might need a possible Bachelors degree in business or human relations. Other required skills are network management, relationship building, and conductance of online interviews.

How To Get Clients?

13Online Tutoring


Online teaching is greatly in demand as parents and children alike rely on online tutors for homework guidance.

Online tutors are cost-effective for parents, while teachers can earn a nice supplemental income or even adopt it as a full-time job.

As an online tutor, your duties may include conducting virtual classroom sessions, monitoring students’ progress, organizing webinars, preparing online course material and giving feedback to students through phone, online chat or Social Media.

Software knowledge for course designing and webinars greatly helps online tutors.

Earning Potential:

Salaries depend on your ability and level of experience but expect to earn from $10 to $75/hr while teaching. You can teach as an employee on tutoring websites or work as an independent contractor.

Skills Required:

  • All you need is patience and grasp on the subject you wish to teach. Most tutors are college graduates and retired teachers that are looking for a living online.
  • If you have a high-speed internet, computer and headphones you are good to go.

How To Get Clients?

14Selling Goods through E-Commerce Platforms


E-commerce increases business outreach by connecting it with a global audience. It involves the integration of an E-commerce platform, shopping cart software and electronic payment method to provide customers with a virtual shopping experience.

According to 2017 surveys, 51% of Americans prefer shopping online while online orders increased by 8.9%. E-marketer further estimates sales to reach $27 trillion by 2020.

E-commerce is preferred by consumers as it eliminates the barriers of distance, time, and provides convenience.

Earning Potential:

Usually, it is just an extension of your business, however, with an increased marketing reach, you can expect to get more profits easily. Besides, online marketing has become a necessity in today’s competitive market.

How To Sell Your Products Online:

  • Amazon:It is a highly popular e-commerce platform which sells literally everything. Be advised, Amazon charges different commission fees which might be unaffordable for some businesses.
  • Ebay: Just like Amazon, Ebay is another popular platform which specializes in auctions and used goods as well.

Additionally, you can also sell your products through your own website. Popular website builder platforms for E-commerce websites are:

  • Shopify: A Canadian based e-commerce platform, Shopify has over 120,000 merchants. This platform provides a diverse range of responsive templates and basic plans start at $29.
  • BigCommerce: Biggest hosted platform and a rival to Shopify; BigCommerce offers shipping dates, discount coupons and much more.
  • WooCommerce: 30% online stores are designed on WooCommerce which is integrated with WordPress. All you need is some WordPress knowledge to get started.
  • Magento: Used by giants like Samsung; Magento is much more complex to setup and may require the help of experts. However, it can support almost all E-commerce systems.

Other alternatives: include Etsy, Wix and Weebly.

15Graphic Designing


A graphic designer is a highly productive career with a multitude of niches available. To start you can either get a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic design, advertising design, multimedia, illustration or visual communications.

The second way is to become self-taught. If you are planning to become self-taught, it is recommended that you start with oogo designing or whiteboard animation as they are highly popular gigs and very easy to master. Later on, you can promote yourself as an infographic designer or Adobe Photoshop expert.

Earning Potential:

Graphic designers, median pay is around $45900 with some, earning as much as $85000/year. Pay depends greatly on your level of expertise and your chosen niche.

How to Get Clients?

16Resume Writing

CV Resume-Writing

Hiring managers literally take 3 to 5 seconds to reject an application and thus job seekers from entry to executive level turn towards professional CV writers.

Resume writers actively communicate with clients to ascertain their job requirements and write a CV that helps them in getting a specific job.

As a bonus, some CV writers may also provide cover letter services for their clients. If you have previous experience with human resource management and recruitment, then CV writing is a viable online career path for you.

Expert CV specialists provide writing service related to one particular field such as legal, medical and finance.

Earning Potential:

According to Study, resume writers can earn a median salary of $58,550 per year. If you have a specific niche, that is even better and your pay scale may increase further.

Skills Required:

Technically, anyone with excellent persuasive writing skills can write CV. However, business and language graduates tend to grow much better in the field. A Bachelor’s degree in aforementioned fields easily qualifies you for CV writing.

In case you do not have a degree, there are many online certification courses that you can do. Some top courses are:

How To Get Clients?


This concludes our top online jobs list. The listed were the top work from home based jobs that you can do with the convenience of staying at your home. All of them have an equal potential to make your financial dreams a reality. All it takes is the dedication and relentless efforts in your chosen field. As always your success is our strength. Feel free to comment if our guide helped you out, or if you have something new to share.